Federico Albanese is a composer born in Milan, Italy in 1982.
In December 7, 2018 he performed two shows in Andisheh Hall, Tehran, Iran.

The hall’s doors opened, the audience sat in their seats. After a while, Federico’s footstep shattered the silence. And then a big applause from the audience… It was such a great welcome for him. Then Federico started his 1 hour and 15 minutes mesmerizing show. It was like stepping in the world of dreams. The kind of world that let you to imagine and even go beyond your imagination.

After the show in Tehran, Federico performed the same show in Shiraz (December 9, 2018) and let the audience experience the same feelings that Tehran’s audience was talking about.

Our aim in the second part of Resonance Projects was to connect the audience and the musician as much as possible, which in many ways we succeeded.

Now we are  getting ready for more exciting experience with Sebastian Plano.

Stay tuned.

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